20140805_094635About Kaye

From the time I had a NDE (Near Death Experience) from pneumonia at five years old, I was hooked on a greater Reality. It was at that time that I experienced the most profound and indescribable unconditional love that one can imagine. At five, I became immediately aware of the fact that the Universe is made out of love. It was in the continuing after effects of the NDE that I was led to having an astrologer interpret my chart at the age of 20. From that point forward, I became an avid student of astrology through classes, books, groups, meetings, seminars, and met with friends frequently in those days to pour over various charts of the famous and the not-so-famous. I had to find a way to share what I learned from my early experience, and astrology became my tool.

After a few years of intensive study I began to read charts for individuals. I seemed to have a knack for it, and developed a clientele in every state and worldwide. In the 1980’s, I was guided through an Initiation into Tarot through some dreams I was given. This helped deepen my practical spiritual awareness, and I developed the Initiation into Tarot Course. In the 90’s, I got the idea for a couple of games and books, including The Angels Talk Game and Companion Book. (Penguin Studio Books 1997) and a tarot deck to teach teenage girls to make wise choices when it comes to the subject of relationships, as well.

Co-authoring the companion book to the angel game catalyzed my love for writing, and I decided to write professionally for a couple of years. In the early 2000’s, Decipher Corporation hired me to write columns and articles for their website. Sometimes, the columns were getting a million hits a day! I would sneak pearls of Universal Law into the whimsy, and this gave that work purpose.

Another deep interest has been in Ho’ala Huna, which means “bringing to Light that which is Real”, an undeniable perspective on Reality. I’ve studied several forms of huna over the decades and recognized at once that the spiritual principles of Ho’ala Huna was a near-perfect match in reflecting my early NDE experience of unconditional love.

I am always learning, discovering, serving, and witnessing the most amazing things. I have studied spiritual realities from the point of view of countless religions, perspectives and teachers as a full time job for four decades. Now, I still learn and give intuitive astrology and tarot readings. It is now that I am to fulfill the purpose given in my NDE, which pertains to the transitional times we are currently in, and am turning more toward teaching and writing about what I’ve learned.

My soul mate and husband, Larry, and I live in Cuenca, Ecuador. How we got here is a whole other story.

This bio would not be complete without mentioning my children. Our son, Rick, is an explorer and adventurer in this world in his own right. Kelly, my beautiful daughter, passed away March 9, 2006 at 23. She and I are learning to communicate in a different way, across two worlds. She was the inspiration for The Angels Talk..

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