Astrology Charts

You’re Written in the Stars!


Your chart contains vital information about you!

Your natal and progressed horoscope is your life’s Universal Instruction Book!

Imagine if you will, for a moment, that there is a way for you to clearly know the lessons your Divine Self designed perfectly and exclusively for you even before you were born. This would be a place where you could actually recognize your gifts, talents, strengths, and also realize what has to be done to bring resistant patterns into balance. There’s more. Take a look.

Your horoscope shows energetically:

      • Your Path of Destiny
      • Your Individuality
      • Your Personality
      • Your Relationships
      • Your Profession and Avocation/Purpose
      • Your Financial Picture
      • Your Communication style
      • Your Family
      • Your Constitution (Health)
      • Your Friends
      • Your Dreams and Desires

I could go on and on and on . . . . but I feel certain that by now you get the drift of what is possible.

astrology chart

Other chart types that are based on your birth chart show:

    • Your progressed patterns and certain events, and how to approach these in ways that serve your best interests.
    • Your compatibility with a specific personal relationship, family members, business connections, groups, etc.
    • Your best places in the world to live. (This charting is a one-time gift that lasts your entire lifetime.)
    • Your best date for a wedding, launching a business or website. (Why not have EVERYTHING working for you when embarking on major life paths.)
    • Your special question answered. (Example: a client in Singapore emailed to say she had been robbed of some fine jewelry. I erected the chart for the moment I received her email. It showed that “the maid” did it. Turned out that the maid did do it, and had hidden the jewelry in her pocketbook!)


When you were born, the planets and stars were in perfect alignment!

Imagine that, Being connected and in relationship with all those heavenly bodies right from the very beginning as your birthright. Wow! It’s awesome to contemplate. If at the exact time of your very first breath, if you looked out across the horizon, you would have seen a constellation of stars on the horizon. This ‘sign’ at your birth is called your Ascendant. All the rest of the planets and luminaries are positioned by astrologers around this “starting point” in the chart.

There are twelve sections or houses in your chart.

Each represents a myriad of subjects having to do with your life: relationships, self-identity, travel, business, etc. All your planets “live” in these houses. They aspect one another mathematically, and create dynamics that help make your life what it is. Each sign, planet and house has an individuality of its own that makes up the whole chart, just like you have cells that make up your whole physical body. Interpreting these things holistically is the way to go. As an intuitive astrologer, I read the “energy” of these planetary influences, and how these energies relate to one another . . . . and to our lives. We are all connected. All great paths lead us within to this underlying truth, and astrology is no different. This is the point, really, because within is where the really good stuff is, your Divinity. And when you get in balance with it, you benefit in priceless ways. My goal as a professional astrologer is to act as an interpreter between you and your Universal Life Instruction Book.

Are You Ready?

When you are ready to set your appointment, we will find a time convenient for both of us for the session, by phone or in person. At the appointed time, simply call or show up. You also have an option to add an MP3 file($15) or CD($20) recording of the reading. Come to the session prepared with any questions, issues, etc. you might have about yourself, and I will prepare and look over the chart beforehand for things that stand out. I could talk for hours about your chart, but we’ll only have one hour, so we’ll really make it count. I will start, and gently guide us into a win-win communicative session about your chart and life. Many of my clients return for updated and progressed charts year after year, using their charts to help them prepare for what is in front of them. They know it’s worth it, and so are you! I envision that this is the point where you will decide to look into this further for your own good, and will want to contact me for an appointment. It’s win-win!

How to Order

Do it now. Here’s how: Get your birth information together. You will need:

        1. Your birth date (day, month and year)
        2. Your birth time (exact, specifying AM or PM)
        3. Your birth place (city, state, country)
        4. Order your birth certificate for the time of birth if you don’t know it. Ask Mom. See if you can find out. If you can’t find your birth time, I will do your chart anyway. It is not the same, but it works just fine. That’s why I do it when many astrologers won’t. Experience has repeatedly shown me that it works, but having the exact time is still best.
        5.  Contact me for a phone or in-person appointment preferably at ks@gridoflight.com or call 757-491-1795
        6.  Payment Schedule and Types of Charts are Listed Below. You can pay by Credit Card/PayPal by clicking here, or mail a check in advance of your appointment to my snail mail address posted at the bottom of this page:

Types of  Charts and Pricing

      1. Natal and Progressed, Transits and Solar Return ($150 for an hour to an hour and a half. Includes a tape. By phone or in person.)
      2. Annual Progressed, Transits and Solar Return ($150 for an hour to an hour and a half. Includes a tape. By phone or in person.)
      3. Composite/Relationship/Partnership comparison (Two people: $150 for an hour. More people, such as a family, more partners, a team, etc. are priced accordingly.
      4. Event charts (Setting up a date for a wedding, incorporation, business opening, etc. ($180 by phone or in person.)
      5. Horary charts (Setting up a chart for a question: Example: “Where is my watch?” “Where is the missing person?” “Is this the best business for me to go into?” Price: depends, but begins around $150)
      6. Astrocartography, (Pointing out the BEST locations for you to live your best life!) Begin at $95 for your chart imprinted on a color coded map of the United States, including Hawaii, PLUS a free half-hour consultation and interpretation by phone. Add $10 each to include other continents, or sections of the world you would like to consider.