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Happy Thanksgiving Dearest Clients, Friends and Family,

I remain deeply grateful for your choosing me as your personal astrologer and intuitive reader. Before readings, I always connect with Divinity and meditate to see clearly and to support what is current and most important in your life. I also seek guidance on how best to support you with the tools I use to assist your personal journey.

Each Thanksgiving, it is my pleasure to serve you in gratitude with an annual ASTROLOGY CHART DEEP DISCOUNT OFFER! 2017 is my Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of doing so, and more than a few of you have been with me the whole time. Thank you! What a lot of ground we’ve covered over the years! I encourage you to take advantage this time to get great savings, but most importantly, having your chart helps you very specifically to navigate your projected life path.

This year, there are two gifts from which you can choose: 

  1. Purchase yours and/or gift certificates for others’ charts, updates, comparisons, etc., for a steep discount of 33 1/3% OFF. (Charts are $100.00 instead of $150.00.) YOU SAVE $50.00!!


  1. Purchase a chart at full price, and receive a U.S. Astro Cartography Chart for FREE!! KNOW the very best places on Earth for you, and or your family members to live and where not to live based on your personal chart.  YOU SAVE $90.00!!!.

For additional information on charts, etc., go to the  Astrology page


Purchase your chart update, gift certificates, etc., by December 5th, and receive a Tarot Reading for free! (You DO NOT have to schedule your appointment by then. You can make your purchase, and as always make your appointment when you are ready.) 

Simply respond to this post, ks@gridoflight.com or call 757-214-9157 (my U.S. number) to purchase (and for your reading). You can pay by either PayPal. (Please use the following link for PayPal payments ONLY. https://kayesturgis.com/payment/  , or you can pay by credit card. (Your card statement will reflect a payment made to Sage Elders Inc.)

Discount offer expires December 24, 2017

Thank you so much again for choosing me as your astrologer over the years.

Happy Holidays, Love and Peace,

Kaye Sturgis
Email: ks@gridoflight.com