…. you are my Shero (female hero). Your journey is so amazing … I am very inspired by you, your work, your service … and how you manage it all ….

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading yesterday. I really enjoyed speaking with you.

I just checked in with February’s Astro-Plan-It Astrological advantage days, and we have intuitively picked great days to travel the 6th and 15th. Thank you for helping us to know that we are in the flow. This month is great, I appreciate you both and all the good work and love you put out each month to share your wisdom with us.

Don’t know if you remember me. But about 15 years ago you did a reading for me and told me my marriage would heal, and I would be moving in a month starting with “J”, I would win a lottery, and that I would be at a Center where thousands of people would be coming. Well, 8 years later, my marriage healed and ended, and I moved to (an ashram) 7 years ago, in June. My husband, while we were married actually won a lottery worth 10,000 on a losing ticket. And as for the thousands of people, well, that is happening to a degree. I haven’t forgotten you.

Thank you! Speaking with you yesterday was such a GIFT! Gift like nested dolls, revealing gift. . .after gift . . .after gift. . . Thank you. I had a blast talking with you!

I enjoyed our session too. Kudos to you . . . Thank you for an empowering reading.

Thank you for all the work you do for us. We get so much out of it. That’s why we keep coming back.

Astrology, what is that? Does it have any meaning for us, or does it not? The weather, what is that? Does that have any meaning for us, or does it not? You bet it has! Both are very powerful forces of nature showing up in our lives every day. Fortunately, we have access to the weather channels where we can access expert advice on the weather outlook for the days ahead. Therefore, we are able to prepare and dress for success on a good day, or cover up before the storms arrive.

Not the same with astrology. Only a select few have the access, the knowledge, and the wisdom to intrepid those powers of nature that affect every aspect of our lives. Therefore, most people have not been able to prepare for those kinds of “weather and winds” in their lives. Not having that forecast (chart) at hand every day is like going out and about, oblivious about the storms on the horizon that will hit by a surprise, and then wonder what happened.

I believe it has never been as important as now to have access to the information astrology provides on a daily basis. We have already been hit by too many storms by surprise lately. Enough is enough!

Kaye, you are a highly respected astrology expert with decades of experience in the field. Not only do you have the vital skills to chart out the aspects of astrology itself, but also the knowledge and wisdom to interpret its deeper meaning for all of us. Tapping into her knowledge is like having the expert on your side at all times.

Kaye, you have a wonderful way of using the science of astrology as a brush to paint the grander picture of Reality for all to see. I feel you help us to understand how the dramatic events that are happening in the world around us are all necessary to bring about Balance. It’s amazing how powerful a new perspective can be and you offer such a beautiful explanation of events by making connections we can all relate to. With humility and grace you reveal the silver lining behind dark clouds and offers a sense of hope and optimism in the midst of this hugely significant time in our planets history and our human evolution.

I have received the CD of our session today. Thank you. The Ho’oponopono you shared with me to help bring my life into balance is still working. Thank you Kay for all of your help.

Seeing you on Saturday was very beneficial to me. I appreciate the help that you provided and my being able to talk about my life and get some guidance and direction. Thanks a million.

Hi, thank you so much for your time and the readings. it was indeed a pleasure to talk to you. Now I know exactly why, Dr. D talks so so highly of you.

This is what you came here to do. I have to say it again: You simply were amazing today!!! I lack words to say it all. You gave so much healing to the people. It feels like you have taken us on a trip to the other side and back. It was just wonderful.

Your insights were very helpful. I’ve always found that your delivery of the information you glean from my chart is with the utmost of care. “Good news or bad news first?” with a laugh you ask! And then you go on to simply state what is for me to do with as I wish. You state it and I assimilate it. I appreciate that. You delivered exactly to me what I needed at this time — a little more insight into myself so that I can walk forward or, more accurately, ride this wave of transformation, with a little more affirmation. I love your preface that you can provide the information but the work must come from within – boy does it! Thanks, Kaye!

I have been calling Kaye for intuitive reading for years. Kaye has had one of the highest levels of accuracy in my book, and is one of the best!!

Kaye cuts to the chase. She doesn’t give me a lot of psychobabble and flowery imagery, which I don’t really need. I appreciate her clarity.

Kaye’s readings are very, very helpful.

Kaye is both wise and kind in her readings, and not only has keen psychic abilities, but has an intimate understanding of human nature. Wise, kind and highly accurate.

Kaye’s readings are more than readings. It is like speaking to a spiritual counselor. I always hang up feeling comforted, even if the answer isn’t exactly what I want to hear.

Kaye has been my trusted spiritual counselor and adviser for almost four years now.

I call Kaye, because in my opinion, she is a top-notch intuitive psychic. She is able to key in, and understand what I am saying. She doesn’t pontificate.

Kaye is fabulous! Insightful, wise, gentle. She is able to address matters at a deep level of the spiritual heart. She’s very supportive in a loving way, makes a huge difference with her unconditional love. Kaye is very “present”, and her gifts are clarified through the various tools she uses.
J. C.

Kaye is a god send of a reader. She’s about as accurate as readers get. What amazes me about her skills is that she has a multidimensional way of looking at the questions being asked. With her various methods of doing a reading, I am able to get a wide range view of all outcomes. I don’t believe there is any topic she couldn’t give an accurate reading for. The reading I enjoy most from Kaye is her classic general reading; absolutely brilliant! Many blessings to you and all the love you have poured out to me…

I love talking with Kaye

Kaye definitely doesn’t beat around the bush, gets straight to the point. Very accurate and easy to understand.

Easy to Understand. Easy to follow. Direct. Concise. Kaye presents in a comforting way. Accuracy is very good.

Kaye is very helpful and pleasant. She does her best to help me. I like her. Very prayerful and spiritual.

I just wanted to thank you for the reading on Saturday. It definitely helped me and reinforced what I have been learning.

The reading is just what he needed. He was getting so down on himself because he just hasn’t seemed to be able to get ahead. Could sense a difference as he left here tonight! We both are breathing a sigh of relief. You are great…God bless you!

Thank you so much. Astro-Plan-It a beautiful calendar, and I’m already using its advice. You’re right! It really works!

You, and our readings, help keep me sane. I told my friend/colleague today that you show me the importance of understanding we are eternal spiritual beings, not the physical stuff we inhabit now. I told her that your faith and knowing have guided you through many challenges of this plane, and that it is, after all, simply a classroom for our souls.

Received my package. Want to thank you so much for everything. I feel more focused and heading in the right direction. Have given your name to several friends. Again, thank you!

Thank you so very much!!!! I am truly a better person because of you and your guidance.

I started reading the book this morning and have cried through page 23 now ! A flood of tears ! Thank you !

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